LAUSD School Board Needs a Strong Cup of T.E.A.

T E A-2.webp
Students, Parents, Teachers, and Administrators deserve Transparency, Equity, and Access at LAUSD so we can all be a part of creating a world-class education for our students.

  1. Nurturing the whole child with a well-rounded and fully-funded education

  2. Leading the profession by respecting educators and support staff

  3. Open communication and accountability for all stakeholders

  4. Engage our collective imagination, innovation, and transformation post-pandemic

Transparency: Accept nothing less from our LAUSD Board by creating a process for transparency that builds trust, increases engagement, and spurs new ideas for supporting teachers and students.

  • Remove barriers to community engagement by shifting all school board meetings, town halls, and workshops to hours parents, teachers, and administrators can attend. We need increased language access and funding for childcare for in person School Board meetings.

  • Design processes and accountability measures that engage parents, students, administrators, teachers, and school support members in decision making, resource allocation, curriculum design, and benchmarking student success.

  • Create and support interdependent committees with stakeholders from each affected area to guide discussion for insight before the board makes decisions.

  • Create support for parents navigating systems like E-Choices, Parent Portal, Special Education (SPED), Student Health/Human Services, and Trade and College pathways.

  • Respect educators through support and treating educators as the professionals they are with creative autonomy, competitive pay, and benefits by evaluating and analyzing current wage tables and job descriptions to ensure salaries are fair and appropriately tiered, based on job responsibilities and years of service.

Equity: LAUSD should have a laser focus on putting systems in place to ensure that every child has an equal chance for success by making sure that every student and employee is met where they are at and is provided the resources needed to reach the 21st century benchmarks established for all students and staff members.


  • Advocate to fully fund education and support every student to achieve their full potential. Our school district is one of the most diverse in the nation, which requires inclusive culturally responsive teaching and learning with ongoing investment in English Language Development (ELD), Standard English Language (SEL), and Special Education. As the mother of a special needs student, I believe we must fully support special needs programs in all schools in the district to ensure all students are able to get the best education possible at their community school.

  • Design budgets that reflect our values which center on transparency, equity,and access in every budget decision. I will fight for all of our children by working in coalition to create transparent budgets that ensure high quality culturally relevant instruction and includes every resource needed to fully implement and support excellent instruction.

  • Protect and invest in the arts for every student from Pre-K to 12th grade. The arts are a right. Creativity and the use of imagination are essential regardless of a student’s projected career path. Art programs must be fully funded to ensure each student reaches their full creative potential. According to the 2020 Otis Report on the Creative Economy there are 2.7 million jobs in the creative industry in California with many of them here in Los Angeles. We must prepare our students for those opportunities.

  • Create bottom-up/top-down systems that ensure equity for all and individualism for each to reach the 21st century benchmarks established for all students.

  • Deliver a Strategic Plan and Scorecard that is fully accessible to the public, and to which the School Board and Administration is accountable. We must reflect on and update the 2016-2019 Strategic Plan. It will not be easy, but it is critical to ensure we are each accountable to our only priority, the success of every student.

  • Collaborate with all stakeholders to illuminate the best solutions for an innovative future. I will work with those who support our educational community to create and deliver the strategic plan and scorecard.

Access: Investing in community schools by ensuring every neighborhood has access to a 1st class education. No one should have to travel outside their neighborhood for a quality education.

  • Establish community schools as resource centers which function as a neighborhood hub, providing expanded educational opportunities for students, families, and neighbors, as well as provide a safe and convenient place for physical and mental health services.

  • Deliver excellence in well-rounded instruction for all students at all times. Every service, program, and physical space should be laser-focused on achieving this. This is our #1 job.  

  • Create safe, healthy, green, and inspiring spaces that welcome all who enter. All schools should have ample green space that is available for all students to use and access the benefits.

  • Design and update for green schools and create and fund a Climate Adaptation and Action Plan for our schools to become green schools and combat climate change, invest in a green jobs pipeline, LEED programs, and sustainable education.  

  • Build the community school model by establishing a team in every school to identify community partners and organizations who are committed to investing in their local community school.

Protect Public Schools: Public schools should be the foundation of our democracy.  We must rebuild public trust and belief in the importance and necessity of public schools.  


  • Maintain the no more new charter schools policy because charter schools create inequity and resegregate students who overwhelmingly are black and brown.

  • Invest in community schools including the implementing successful learning practices in all community schools, rather than expand charter schools. 

  • End privatization of schools because our students are not a commodity to make a profit.  We must keep privatizers from exploiting LAUSD resources for profit by advocating at the state and federal levels.

  • Protect our most vulnerable students who are students with disabilities and are often forced out of charter schools that cannot meet their needs. Public schools take in the child and provide the necessary services while the charter schools keep the funding designated to support that child. This practice disproportionately impacts students of color and drains money from public schools.

  • Unions and collective bargaining improve schools and teachers and school staff should have the right to unionize when working at a charter school.

  • Accountability for current charter schools so they adhere to the same rules as public schools.

Invest in Teachers and Administrators: They are skilled practitioners who deserve to be provided meaningful and mindful opportunities for their growth, development, and inspiration. Educators bring their experience back to share with their students.
  • Center decisions with those that are doing the work and have the capacity to make the most impact. Educators are the answer to quality education, and should be invited to contribute before, during, and after big decisions are made.

  • Create opportunities for fully funded professional development that includes travel so educators can be at the forefront of educational theory and practice. Collaboratively we can work to make LAUSD the number one district in the country.

  • Highlight teacher excellence because we have brilliance in our district. I will seek it out and promote it by learning from the best. I will strive to elevate exemplary teaching, learning tools, and strategies with interactive webinars, both in person and virtual, and record lessons that EVERYONE in the district will have access to and benefit from.

  • Promote and support a work environment that encourages health and wellness where all members of the educational community practice a holistic approach to well-being. This serves as a model to the students in our care. 

Reopen Schools Safely: We must continue to protect the health of the LAUSD community and our neighborhoods with ongoing monitoring and reevaluation. 

  • Maintain cleaning standards and protocols in every school while listening to classroom teachers about what is working and what is not. Reopening should be done equitably, ensuring all students have the same access, resources, and opportunities.

  • Support instruction and educational outcomes in every classroom. Our goal as educators is to provide the best instruction we can. Health, wellness, and educational outcomes should always be the driving factor in the reopening process.

  • Ensure the LAUSD Board is ready to act in real time to respond to the concerns of the school community. We deserve a Board that is accessible and receptive to structural shifts in how our schools operate well beyond reopening from the pandemic.

Superintendent Selection: Commit LAUSD to quality education by hiring a Superintendent with a background in education and passion and mindset for teaching and learning.

  • Begin recruitment from within LAUSD and identify candidates within our ranks. Include fully transparent engagement in the hiring process from all stakeholders including administrators, teachers, parents, and the unions who represent our staff.

  • Center recruitment on instructional leadership, the vision for the district, and the short- and long-term goals. Education is a complex and unique public system, which is a process of learning and growth, not a business. The role of Superintendent is too important to be used as a step on the political ladder.

Trained Professionals Focused on Safety and Well-Being: Safe schools are community schools that have leveled tiers of behavioral and mental support in the form of protocols and personnel.

  • Ensure de-escalation and proactive practices on and around school campuses. Teachers and LAUSD staff need support and ongoing training in de-escalation to be proactive before requiring police assistance.

  • Monitor and analyze the accountability and transparency measures in the Black Student Achievement Plan. We must create schools where all students feel safe to explore and learn. 

  • Fully fund and implement a culturally relevant Restorative Justice model district-wide that allocates resources for prevention over punishment regardless of the school or the student demographic. All school community members must receive ongoing training to create an environment where Restorative Justice is effective. 

  • Create opportunities to build relationships with the Los Angeles School Police Department (LASPD) by providing more youth and community programs. We must engage officers in anti-bias and de-escalation training and give ongoing support and resources so they can meet the needs of our school communities. The LAUSD Board must continue to increase oversight of LASPD, and require input from all stakeholders including students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community members.